Department of Applied Mathematics



The Department of Applied Mathematics is part of the Institute of Mathematics, which is subordinated to the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the University Freiburg. The Department of applied Mathematics consists of these research groups:

Prof. Dr. S. Bartels Prof. Dr. P. Dondl
Research Research
Group Members Group Members

Prof. Dr. D. Kröner Prof. Dr. M. Růžička
Research Research
Group Members Group Members
Prof. em. Dr. G. Dziuk  

Information on classes held by members of our department can be found under Teaching (german only).


Next Seminar

  • Tabea Tscherpel: wird noch bekanntgegeben

    The seminar takes place on 04.02.2020 at 14:15 in Raum 226, Hermann-Herder-Str. 10.


  • Special colloquium celebrating Dietmar Kröner's scientific achievements

    Further information here

  • 19th GAMM-Seminar on Microstructures, January 24–25, 2020

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