Proseminar: Mathematische Modellierung

Semester:Sommersemester 2023
Zeit/Ort:Mi 12-14, SR 125, Ernst-Zermelo-Straße 1
Dozent: JProf. Dr. D. Salimova
Sprechstunde des Dozenten:n.V., Zi. 208, Hermann-Herder-Str. 10
Assistent zum Proseminar:Jakob Rotter
Sprechstunde des Assistenten:n.V., Zi. 206, Hermann-Herder-Str. 10


Bitte bis So, 05.02.2023, 23:59 Uhr per Mail an die Dozentin fürs das Proseminar bewerben/anmelden. Vorbesprechung: Di 07.02.2023, 13:00 Uhr, via Zoom (Link kommt per Mail)


Please note: The whole course will be hold in English language. But since math can be done in any language and international research is done mostly in English anyway, this is a nice chance to refresh your English skills.

Mathematical models are used in practically any imaginable aspect of our life since processes are tried to be optimized. Typical applications are in statistics to manage big data, in the design and simulation of semiconductors we are using every day now and in the optimization of timetables in public transport. We refer to Chapter 2 of the book below for dozens of more examples.

We want to look at some real life applications and how to find an ansatz for building a mathematical model around this specific problem. Chapters 3-12 of the book below are alone-standing and can be presented in one talk each.


The Studienleistung is received by giving a 45-60 min talk using Powerpoint/LaTeX Beamer and/or the blackboard together with a handout. Of course, presence to the other students talks is necessary, too.

As usual the participation has to be done via HISinOne, too.


Please take a look at the book below already (the book is available online for free with a university account) and send your favorite two topics (i.e. chapters) together with your application email. Thanks!

Remark 1: For students new to LaTeX (the main text editor for scientists) the assistant delivers reference templates for LaTeX as a starting point.
Remark 2: We refer to "Hinweise zur Vortragsdurchführung" of the Proseminar "Resultate und Anwendungen der Graphentheorie" by v. Hammerstein for tips when giving a talk.


  1. M. Heiliö et al.: Mathematical Modelling, Springer, 2016