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Lecture room

Seminarraum 226, 2nd floor, Rechenzentrum, Hermann-Herder-Str. 10, 79104 Freiburg (map)

Meeeting on Sunday evening

Participants arriving on Sunday are welcome to meet at 20:00 in Restaurant Paradies (map)


Programme changes:

  • talks by Eckhardt and Ruzicka exchanged on Wed morning
  • talk by Rybak on Tue, 14:00 cancelled, replaced by Haasdonk (instead of Wed, 11:00)


Talk titles

T. Brox (UFR): Paths towards Open World Generalization

S. Burkhard (KIT): Variational Gaussian approximation for the magnetic Schrödinger equation

B. Dörich (KIT): Strong norm error bounds for quasilinear wave equations under weak CFL-type conditions

D. Eckhardt (KIT): Fully discrete Heterogeneous Multiscale Method for parabolic problems with multiple spatial and temporal scale

S. Frei (KON): Temporal homogenisation and parallelisation for the numerical simulation of atherosclerotic plaque growth

B. Haasdonk (STG): Hierarchical Certified Machine-Learning-based Surrogate Models for parametric PDEs

R. Herzog (HD): Total (generalized) variation for images and shapes

A. Kaltenbach (UFR): Numerically practicable a posteriori error analysis based on (discrete) convex duality

J. Nick (TÜB): Electromagnetic scattering with nonlinear boundary conditions

A. Nurkanovic (UFR): Finite Elements with Switch Detection for Direct Optimal Control of Nonsmooth Systems

A. Prohl (TÜB): Numerical Analysis of Optimal Control with SPDEs

M. Ruzicka (UFR): Convergence rates for an LDG approximation of the p-Navier-Stokes equations

I. Rybak (STG): Efficient preconditioners for coupled Stokes--Darcy problems

T. Schillinger (MAN): Random traffic models on different scales

L. Seelinger (HD): UM-Bridge: Coupling Numerical Models and Uncertainty Quantification Software

B. Stamm (STG): Acceleration of quantum mechanical systems by exploiting similarity

D. Sulz (TÜB): Dynamical low-rank approxmation for quantum dynamics

L. Striet (UFR): Approximation of some nonlocal operators in a sinc-basis

S. Volkwein (KON): Numerical Optimization in Konstanz - A Survey